A male tormented by the voice in his head, have to confront his abusive past to help save a young boy from struggling the very same destiny.
Confession is a legitimate story that hopes to encourage some others to hear, speak out and to comprehend the challenges related to sexual abuse. View CONFESSION: https://vimeo.com/158112260

Directed by Angelique Letizia
Composed by Joe Capozzi
Director of Pictures: Hiroshi Hara
Generated by Kristen Busalacchi, Joe Capozzi, Stephanie Taylor, Bilgin Turker
Cast: Alfredo Diaz, Mark Coffin, John Barbieri, Sheilagh Weymouth, Andrew Hofman, Kayla Wickes,
Jack Ferry, Jonathan Ragins, Shana Farr, Joseph R. Capozzi
1st Advertisement: Michael Belardi
1st AC: Bahadir Gurel, Vince Rappa
DIT: Michael Williows
Script Supervisor: Caroline Rickert
Gaffer: Justin Lee
Very best Boy Electric: Abundant Vallejos
Critical Grip: Masseo Davis, Erik Rooney
Very best Boy Grip: Joe Albino, John Guillen, Matt Reilly
Audio: Leo McClusky
Audio Style: Steven Tolle
Motion Graphics: Alexander Letizia
PA: Kyle Laskowski

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