Mrs. Elizabeth Hogben (wife & mother) in her early 40s (00.34.2)

Video ‘still’ screenshot
Mr & Mrs Hogben – in his parent’s living-place

Due to significant making and renovation function remaining undertaken at Mr & Mrs Hogben’s personal property, this video was shot in the living-place of Elizabeth’s dad and mom-in-legislation. It was shot at the ask for of (and to a script instructed by) one particular of Elizabeth’s quite a few fans.

Even though her husband’s mother and father experienced been aware that yrs beforehand Elizabeth experienced posed for shiny magazine Female Illustrated, under no circumstances possessing observed the primary photographs (or any of her subsequent magazine photo-spreads) they did not know what variety of magazine G.I. was and assumed the shoot experienced been for an underwear or lingerie photo-aspect in a women’s desire publication. Even though his dad and mom ended up informed this video was remaining shot for a third get together, it have to be assumed that they did not realise that it may well include their daughter-in-legislation removing some, if not most of her clothing. However the aged pair willingly adjourned to the upcoming place in buy to enable Elizabeth and their son a diploma of privateness while the filming of the video took location. It is also pretty certain that her dad and mom-in-legislation were not aware that the video, which was shot just ft away from exactly where they sat in the upcoming place, would be incredibly specific.

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Born in London (England) all around 1950, Elizabeth Hogben (née Elizabeth Hook) gained a certain sum of general public notice in the early seventies when, as a youthful bank specialist and housewife aged 21, she was showcased fully naked in one particular of the UK’s most common, far more upmarket men’s desire journals of the time.

Soon after leaving Gainsborough Highway Women Faculty, Richmond-on-Thames, Surrey in the mid nineteen sixties aged 16, Elizabeth joined the Kingston-on-Thames department of the Surrey Trustee Discounts Lender (later merged with Lloyds Lender Ltd to type section of the Lloyds TSB Group), as a trainee junior clerk exactly where, on her 1st day at function, she satisfied her future partner (one particular of the bank’s cashiers). The pair married three yrs later, just 4 months and two days following her nineteenth birthday. Elizabeth went on to get pleasure from an particularly successful banking occupation for quite a few yrs, quickly gaining promotion, 1st to clerk, to cashier, then to chief cashier and eventually to manager of her personal department at the unusually youthful age of 26.

In her early twenties, even though operating as senior cashier at the Surrey Trustee Discounts Bank’s Richmond-on-Thames department, Elizabeth was approached by Leslie L. Bainbridge, editor of shiny men’s magazine Female Illustrated. He informed her that even though he completely appreciated she wasn’t a product, with her very good seems to be, her pale complexion, shoulder-size dark hair and a little fuller determine she experienced a all-natural, unassuming, ‘girl-upcoming-door’ high-quality, and he explained he would incredibly significantly like to photograph her for a multi-impression aspect in his publication. With that in head he invited her to his dwelling studio for a photo-shoot, while he produced it clear from the outset that if she agreed to the shoot she would be expected to take away her clothing – not only her shirt, skirt etcetera, but also her underwear, which include bra and panties. He explained that in buy to exploit her wholesome, refreshing very good seems to be and determine to the maximum, he felt that most, if not all of the published photographs really should aspect her completely naked. He defined that he shot quite a few of the photo sets which appeared in G.I. and certain her that he would shoot the pictures (in monochrome) himself. Nonetheless, Mr Bainbridge informed her that even though he could assure her complete confidentiality just before, and privateness for the duration of the shoot, he did warning that, because of Female Illustrated’s comprehensive circulation, both of those in the Uk and quite a few other components of the entire world, once published it would be broadly accessible on newsstands and in retailers. As a outcome there was no way to manage who would see the pictures and it was practically unavoidable that some of her spouse and children, buddies and colleagues would occur throughout the photographs and would, without the need of question recognize her. He also cautioned that any subsequent publicity, specifically if the national or regional push obtained wind of it, may well cause her intense humiliation, as nicely as affect adversely on her banking occupation. He for that reason strongly advised that, just before committing herself, she should to feel incredibly carefully about all the achievable implications, and may well also want to completely examine the make a difference with her partner.

In an era when banking companies demanded the incredibly best standards of probity of their team, photographs of one particular of their youthful females in a ‘girlie’ magazine, with her breasts, buttocks and pubic region exposed for all to see would, without the need of question, existing a significant threat to that specific youthful lady’s occupation. Experienced a copy of the magazine been ‘officially’ brought to the notice of one particular of her superiors at the bank’s Head Business office in Croydon, Elizabeth’s future advertising prospective buyers would practically surely have been in serious jeopardy, as would her full banking occupation. In the event by very good fortune (or probably at the whim of a Standard Supervisor who may perhaps, or may perhaps not, have saved a copy of Female Illustrated less than his blotter for the duration of team meetings in buy to periodically refresh his memory of what the youthful woman cashier on the other facet of his desk appeared like without the need of her clothing), her occupation under no circumstances faltered.

As an individual who experienced often been rather conservative in her option of clothing, it is unavoidable that Elizabeth experienced significant misgivings about disrobing in the existence of a comparative stranger, specifically one particular with whom, in her roll as a respected and accountable officer of the bank, she could have specialist dealings. It would surely make any future banking transactions with that specific consumer acutely embarrassing. She would be keenly aware that as they sat speaking about monetary matters throughout her desk in the hallowed precincts of the bank, only days just before she experienced been reclining on a rug, fully nude even though he circled all around inside touching distance, arranging her in different revealing poses and having some specially intimate, particularly specific pictures of her.

However, even with any reservations she may perhaps have experienced, and presumably with her husband’s encouragement, she resolved to acknowledge Mr Bainbridge’s invitation, but she did so on the demanding comprehending that her partner would be existing through the shoot, both of those to act as chaperon, and to give ethical guidance and the significantly needed reassurance she would need to have when the time arrived for her to undress in entrance of the G.I. Editor, allowing him to see her naked for the 1st time.

Throughout the afternoon just before Elizabeth’s planned (Sunday) check out to his dwelling-occur-studio, Mr Bainbridge telephoned to examine that she hadn’t experienced 2nd thoughts and, crucially, to ensure that she was still willing to be photographed nude. When she answered in the affirmative he went on to examine a few last particulars. He reiterated that even though her deal with and determine ended up central to the aspect, with the easing of censorship in the Uk, men’s journals ended up starting to contain a few ‘full-frontal’ nude poses of their woman versions and he amazed on her that she would also be expected to pose that way. Then, significantly to her humiliation, he enquired if she shaved her pelvic region and crotch. Elizabeth informed him that no, she did not. Next he questioned how profuse was her pubic hair, and regardless of whether or not it noticeably obscured her vulva, explaining that progressively, visitors nowadays ended up urgent to see far more of the girls’ intimate parts. Relatively taken aback, Elizabeth informed him that when she’d agreed to pose for his publication, she hadn’t recognized she would be expected to expose her genitalia for comprehensive general public scrutiny, specifically in the internet pages of a magazine which would be universally accessible through the Uk and somewhere else. She explained that, if at all achievable, she’d prefer not to pose in any way in which her vaginal opening would be noticeable. She instructed that probably an product of underwear, or her arms may well be strategically positioned for modesty. Nonetheless, he wanted her to be fully devoid of masking and so, following significantly discussion, and a significant sum of coaxing, she agreed she would expose all, despite the fact that she advised him that the hair all around that region was, certainly, fairly bushy. She defined that both of those she and her partner favored her with a copious pubic bush. She explained that in agreeing to disrobe for the pictures she hadn’t recognized her the natural way unkempt pubic hair would be an problem. Mr Bainbridge then enquired if she would, on this one particular celebration, be willing to shave her lower locations. He explained that a total absence of pubic hair would be certain that the magazine’s subscribers would be in a placement to get pleasure from a fully unhindered view of her labia majora (hence putting Female Illustrated at the vanguard of future traits).

So it was that, following significantly soul-exploring, for the one particular-and-only time in her everyday living, on the early morning of the shoot, and with her partner reluctantly wielding the implements, Elizabeth submitted her luxuriant beaver to the ministrations of a pair of scissors and her husband’s razor.

The visual appearance of an newbie with a smooth, hairless crotch in a so-identified as ‘soft porn’ magazine, was something of a novelty in the seventies, therefore the notice she gained. It was, following all, an age when few women or girls shaved or waxed their lower locations as convention dictated it was an region only husbands (and probably boyfriends) ended up expected to see. It was also an age when respectable women wore absolutely nothing far more daring than the mini skirt, cropped-tops or probably bikinis an age when general public nudity was particularly uncommon an age when topless ‘page 3’ pictures experienced only started showing up in the Solar newspaper the former autumn.

Soon after this tentative foray into the entire world of glamour, Elizabeth was offered far more nude function with other publications, all of which ended up far more than satisfied for her to exhibit her bush of pubic hair. Therefore, even with still operating total-time for the Surrey Trustee Discounts Lender, and possessing become marginally fewer ashamed when having off her knickers in entrance of male photographers, Elizabeth did a number of far more semi-specialist shoots involving nudity, both of those in studio and outdoor, likely on to show up in a number of other men’s (girlie) journals for the duration of the seventies and nineteen eighties, which include (but not completely) Fiesta Club Intercontinental Mayfair and Rustler.

In the mid nineteen eighties, and by now the mother of two faculty-age young children, Elizabeth gave birth to twins and a few months later, she persuaded the editor of Fiesta magazine to donate £500 to charity. This sum was to be split amongst Wonderful Ormond Street Medical center Children’s Charity (see connection down below) and her regional hospital children’s charity. Even though by this time she was in her late thirties, and possessing settled some yrs beforehand that in future she would continue to keep her clothes on (at minimum publicly), in return for the editor’s generous donation Elizabeth agreed to do one particular far more studio photo-shoot. Moreover, she agreed that a push launch and topless photo of her be despatched to all the national newspapers, publicizing the charity donations (and hence the magazine). This most up-to-date shoot was undertaken in the total information that a photospread now would not only need her to permit intimate pictures, but also the far more intrusive variety of pictures which experienced become practically de rigueur. The results of the shoot ended up later published in the October edition of that year’s Fiesta (Vol.twenty /10) less than the banner: ‘Strip Assist – Elizabeth of Surrey does it for charity’.

Subsequently, thanks to common requests from Fiesta visitors, Elizabeth went on to disrobe 2 times far more for Fiesta magazine once in 1987 for its “Out to Lunch” 21st Anniversary Special problem, and once again in 1989 for its (Vol.23/2) “Heaven & Hell” aspect.

In later everyday living Elizabeth went on to assistance observed a regional club for disabled young children and their family members, serving for quite a few yrs on its committee as chairman or treasurer.

Elizabeth is now retired and is living in satisfied obscurity somewhere in the leafy suburbs of south-east England, alongside one another with her partner and their two youngest daughters.

Source: Media Archive & Biographical Investigate Bloemfontein SA

From different archives, classic-20thcentury-glamour has managed to assemble this comprehensive biographical and pictorial tribute to a youthful lady who, at significant chance to her specialist occupation, graced a number of glamour journals in the 70s & 80s. Quite a few of the images are considered to be from her husband’s personalized assortment, other people from her different magazine appearances. It was Elizabeth’s desire to increase resources for charity back again in 1986 when she once again answered Fiesta’s get in touch with to take away her clothes and show that enchanting cleft of significantly pleasure which most other respectable females of her era commonly choose to continue to keep concealed away from view, within their knickers.

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